Totoly Nourished is the result of a lifelong commitment to living an abundant and healthy life and enabling others to do the same.

‘Totoly’, a fusion of my name (Toto) and ‘Total’, refers to wholly and holistically nourishing yourself – mind, body and soul.

I like to go back to basics, back to anatomy and physiology and to the core of what really makes us tick.  My approach is centered on looking at each client as an individual, using a combination of ancient principles and the latest medical research to support the body’s natural functions.  We are all different, each with our own individual set of DNA, which requires a thorough and bespoke approach to optimising health.

We all deserve to thrive.  I truly believe that you hold the key to your own health; the challenge is realising the tools and power you possess to unleash the best version of yourself.  This is where I come in!

My path to nourishment hasn’t exactly been plain sailing but I believe that my own experiences have enabled this amazing journey in discovering health and making a difference to others.  Born without a thyroid gland (congenital hypothyroidism), a rare condition which affects a wide range of functions in the body, my childhood was carefully controlled by daily medication and frequent hospital visits.  My condition was managed well until about the age of 17, where it all crumbled before my eyes for no apparent reason.

Two and a half years of being on/off housebound, experiencing debilitating IBS, chronic fatigue and depression/anxiety, led to an ‘all or nothing’ moment where I decided to take hold of my own life and go back to basics.  I started to nourish my body with whole foods and quickly began to realise that there was another way to heal the body; through complete nourishment and self care.

Baby steps turned into bigger leaps and having navigated my own way back to health, I undertook three years of training in Naturopathic Nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Edinburgh and London.  I qualified as a Nutritional Therapist in 2018 and I am a member of The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT).  I live and practise in South West London.

Life has its challenges and at some point we are all faced with them.  I feel so lucky to have found this holistic, wholesome approach to wellbeing and I hope that this website encourages you to take the steps towards better health and an abundant life.

Nourish yourself from the inside out, move your body in a way that makes your heart sing and most importantly, live with LOVE!

Love and light,
Toto x